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NeatClip YouTube Bot issues#13   


The other day I had to unmod & BAN the neatclip bot because, as much as I would have loved using it, it was sending its messages about 5 times in a row… and then any clip that gets requested was not coming in the next 5 seconds at all, not even a minute, maybe 3 minutes afte r- and as you can imagine, it was not the correct timestamps…

Would love to have the feature, people love clipping my stream.

Would have unmodded & used the !disableneatclipbot feature and then wrote you on that subreddit post to re-activate it but it’s been archived - Strangely even the bug/issues/feedback pinned post on your reddit has comments locked, so figured this would be the right place to mention all this - Thanks!

In general, I love neatclip, my only issue is sometimes, say if i’m clipping something 5 minutes after it happened - it’s very hit or miss whether or not it will capture the last 2 minutes before the moment I paused & clipped, or a random/most recent 2 minutes of the video - and there are no features to really remedy this except playing around with the time= part of the URL but I don’t really understand what I’m doing there, so I spend about 20 minutes reducing the number and hope for the best lol

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3 months ago

I’m also having the same issue. Any update on this?

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Same problem. Let’s hope for a quick fix.

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